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Which version of Jasmine is integrated in Sencha Test?

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Jasmine 2.4.1 is included in Sencha Test. Tests written to Jasmine 2.x will most likely work but Jasmine 1.x tests may have some issues due to Jasmine changes between 1.x and 2.x. Sencha Test will automatically load all *.js files in a specified directory (what we call the Scenario) so the only issue I can […]

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How to improve your Sencha code while working in large teams?

Often I get questions from people on how to work efficiently with Sencha while developing in a large team environment.. This question is especially popular for people coming from the Java world, who are familiar with tooling for Java and build processes. I can tell you that it’s not much different for web projects. This […]

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Simple Techniques for Solving Common Sencha Coding Problems

Often when I’m teaching a Sencha Training class, students ask me to look at their apps because there’s a problem they don’t know how to fix. Since I didn’t write the code, it’s hard sometimes for me to give them a quick answer. However, I do have a set of simple techniques that filter out […]

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Setup PhantomJS for automate testing

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All your Jasmine TDD tests you can automate with PhantomJS. This blog post will tell you how to setup your environment for automated testing with PhantomJS. You should have a local webserver running. It it might be handy to have Jasmine already up and go. Please see my post: Get PhantomJS. You can download […]

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Setup Jasmine TDD with for Ext JS

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Download Jasmine standalone: In your ExtJS project folder create a folder: app-test and place it next to the app folder. In your Ext JS app-test folder, create the following file: app-test.js (make sure it stands next to the app.js file.) Unzip the Jasmine download. Copy the lib folder (which contains jasmine-1.x.x folder) into app-test. […]

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