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The future of Sencha’s build tools

Posted on in Cmd Environment ES2015

Sencha Cmd is Java based, and makes use of Apache Ant. You can find all the jar libs when you navigate to the installation folder of Cmd. For Windows: C:/Documents and Settings/{username}/bin/Sencha/Cmd/{cmd-version} For Mac OSX: ~/bin/Sencha/Cmd/{cmd-version} For Ext JS 4, 5 and 6; the best way to develop and kickstart your applications is by running […]

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Custom UI Components with Sencha

Posted on in Cmd Ext JS Ext JS 5 Ext JS 6

Sencha recently announced the Angular 2 and React bridges. These are great solutions for Angular 2 or React developers, which do want to make use of the robust Sencha components.(For what’s worth; the Angular 2 and React frameworks don’t contain components. These are just single page app frameworks which sets up the architecture […]

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Native Sencha apps with Ext JS 6 and Cordova / PhoneGap

Posted on in Cmd Cordova Ext JS 6

Last time I played with Cordova, I developed Sencha Touch apps. Been there, done that. Sencha’s new mobile framework, is Ext JS 6. With Ext JS 6 you can create desktop applications or mobile (tablets or phone) apps. And.. you can create universal apps. A universal app, means one Ext JS 6 code base, for […]

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How to switch Sencha Cmd versions from the command-line?

Posted on in Cmd

Did you know that you can very easily switch between multiple Sencha Cmd versions from the command-line? With the release of Sencha Cmd 6, it's actually very easy, and you no longer, need to manually open your system variables or .bash_profile file. With the following command you check how which versions are installed: View the […]

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Advanced Cmd: How to modify Sencha builds

Posted on in Cmd Environment Ext JS Ext JS 5 Ext JS 6

This guide, will discuss builds, and how you can modify it, with Apache Ant. About Apache Ant integration in Sencha Cmd. Sencha Cmd is build with Apache Ant. You don’t need to have Ant installed on your machine, Sencha Cmd has that dependency for you, while installing Cmd. (Sencha Cmd is delivered as a JAR […]

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Advanced Sencha Cmd: Dealing with a multi Ext JS app infrastructure

Posted on in Cmd Environment Ext JS Ext JS 5 Ext JS 6

This guide will describe how to deal with an infrastructure, that contains multiple Ext JS apps. It will discuss: Local workspaces How to split builds How to modify file paths and output settings About Workspaces To support these, Sencha Cmd defines the concept of a “Workspace”. A Workspace is simply a folder that ultimately contains […]

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Running multiple Sencha Cmd versions

Posted on in Architect Cmd Ext JS Ext JS 6 Sencha Touch

Do you want to run multiple versions of Sencha Cmd, because you are developing Sencha Touch, Ext JS 4, 5 and 6 apps all together? This guide will give you answers. Multiple Cmd versions Now the only thing here, you will need to take care of, is that you are running multiple Sencha Cmd versions, […]

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Java Heap Exception when using Sencha Cmd

Posted on in Cmd Environment

Are you running Sencha Cmd (typically on Windows), and you run into a Java Heap Space error, like the one below? [ERROR] com.sencha.exceptions.BasicException: java heap space The problem is that your JVM is running out of memory. Luckily you can control this great site. Open the sencha.cfg file, in your Sencha Cmd installation folder. For […]

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How to improve your Sencha code while working in large teams?

Often I get questions from people on how to work efficiently with Sencha while developing in a large team environment.. This question is especially popular for people coming from the Java world, who are familiar with tooling for Java and build processes. I can tell you that it’s not much different for web projects. This […]

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Make a native build with Ext JS 5, Sencha Cmd 5 and Phonegap / Cordova with plugins.

Posted on in Cmd Cordova Ext JS Ext JS 5 Mobile Node JS Sencha

With the release of Ext JS 5; we finally have Touch experience in the framework. So yes, you can start creating tablet applications. Maybe you are now wondering, can I also package Ext JS 5 apps with Apache Cordova or Adobe Phonegap, so I can sell my app in the App Stores? Well yes, you […]

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