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Make a native build with Ext JS 5, Sencha Cmd 5 and Phonegap / Cordova with plugins.

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With the release of Ext JS 5; we finally have Touch experience in the framework. So yes, you can start creating tablet applications. Maybe you are now wondering, can I also package Ext JS 5 apps with Apache Cordova or Adobe Phonegap, so I can sell my app in the App Stores? Well yes, you […]

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Getting Started with Sencha Touch 2: Build a Weather Utility App (Part 3)

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In this three-part Sencha Touch tutorial, you will build the Do I need my Umbrella? app, a simple utility app that loads weather information from a web service — Based on weather codes, this app can predict if you need your umbrella or not. In this last part of the tutorial, we’ll talk about […]

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Make your mobile webapp work offline with application cache

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This tutorial will help you to put your mobile webapp offline. 1. create your cache manifest file create a file yourappname.manifest in your application root. In the file enter all files you have to cache to make your app working offline. For example the app.manifest file looks like this: CACHE MANIFEST #rev2 # Explicitly cached […]

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