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Video: Learn the Top 10 ECMAScript 2015 Features

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Last year, I spoke at SenchaCon in Las Vegas, about ES2015. I've found the recording online. JavaScript dev, in case you are interested:

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The future of Sencha’s build tools

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Sencha Cmd is Java based, and makes use of Apache Ant. You can find all the jar libs when you navigate to the installation folder of Cmd. For Windows: C:/Documents and Settings/{username}/bin/Sencha/Cmd/{cmd-version} For Mac OSX: ~/bin/Sencha/Cmd/{cmd-version} For Ext JS 4, 5 and 6; the best way to develop and kickstart your applications is by running […]

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Sencha & ECMAScript 2015

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With just a few more days to go, before the release of Ext JS 6.2, (BTW, Can’t wait! Material Design theme, pinch to zoom, D3 integration, calendar component and much more…) Sencha is already busy with working on the next major version of Ext JS. We will give you a preview on our long term […]

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