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Video: Google Cloud Next London

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At the Google Cloud Next event in London, I presented my customer care solution during the demo derby!

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Conditional Templating in Dialogflow for Google Assistant

What I like most about Dialogflow, (the tool to create Chatbots and Smart Assistants / Google Assistant apps), is that you can maintain your conversations within the Dialogflow UI. Many users write their complete FAQ content in intents and responses. You no longer need a developer to tweak your conversations or deploy your agent which […]

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Custom greeting Google Assistant app with Dialogflow and Actions on Google

Let's have a look into how you can create custom Welcome messages for your Google Assistant with Dialogflow and Actions on Google. First open your Dialogflow Console. Create a new Intent with the following settings: Intent name: [bot-first-greeting] Events: Choose Google Assistant Welcome Training Phrases: Empty Fulfillment: Enable Webhook call for intent Click Save. For […]

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Actions on Google for Google Cloud Functions

When building Google Assistant apps (actions) with Dialogflow, you likely will have to write some logics. The most common way in developing this logics layer is by using a webhook and a Cloud Function. The webhook requires a URL. So technically you can use any web server and program language you like, Cloud Functions are […]

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VIDEO: Cloud on air webinar: Create custom conversations with Dialogflow

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On the 17th of October, I run a global webinar for Google, about custom conversations and chatbots. This was really exiting as we recorded this together with a full professional film crew! Enjoy!

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