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Native Sencha apps with Ext JS 6 and Cordova / PhoneGap

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Last time I played with Cordova, I developed Sencha Touch apps. Been there, done that. Sencha’s new mobile framework, is Ext JS 6. With Ext JS 6 you can create desktop applications or mobile (tablets or phone) apps. And.. you can create universal apps. A universal app, means one Ext JS 6 code base, for […]

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Do I need the deltas folder in my hybrid Sencha PhoneGap/Cordova app?

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When you create an Ext JS (modern) or Sencha Touch production build, it will make a build for the web. Which is intended for users to bookmark their applications to the homescreen. The microloader contains this great feature; when there is an application update, the user doesn't need to download the full application again, but […]

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Make a native build with Ext JS 5, Sencha Cmd 5 and Phonegap / Cordova with plugins.

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With the release of Ext JS 5; we finally have Touch experience in the framework. So yes, you can start creating tablet applications. Maybe you are now wondering, can I also package Ext JS 5 apps with Apache Cordova or Adobe Phonegap, so I can sell my app in the App Stores? Well yes, you […]

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